Kristen Esper


"Daniel did a great job for our beta launch on AdWords. He created three successful campaigns. We spent 3k in ad spend over 3 months and acquired 86 leads and 30 customers with a lifetime value of $5,000 each. I never expected such a high return on investment so quickly. He helped with landing page suggestions and provided great reports weekly."


Renee Cantera

Head Of New Business Development
Eikon Digital

“Dan is amazing. He is incredibly easy to work with and knows how to grow business! He also takes the time to explain things and is always so positive. Dan generated over 10,000 conversions for us and hundreds and thousands in sales in under a year. He is a game changer. I am hesitant to write this because what if he is not free next time we need his services? Do not think twice, he is simply the best. Thank you Dan for everything!”


Jon Chintanaroad

Learn To Recruit

“Want to give a quick shout out to my boy Daniel. Been working with Daniel for about a month now. He helped me with my messaging and we were able to achieve double digit click through rate at 11% and conversion rates at 21%. Really happy with those results and next month we’ll start scaling. So excited about that. If you have any questions about Google Daniel knows everything about it.”


James Woller

Jet Pet Resort

“Daniel tripled our lead flow and added an LTV revenue of $350,000 within 15 months. If you need help growing your business with Google Ads this is the guy!”


Tyler Walton

Director of Growth Marketing

“We worked together close to a year and had a lifetime ROI of 185%. Dan will only work with you if he knows he can deliver results for your business model with his system."


Abbas Bababekov

Celestial Cleaners

“50% of our leads were calling us to get service. Daniel’s strategies worked across the board for residential and commercial clients.”


Boruch Akbosh

Akbosh Media Network

“In the 5 years that Daniel worked at my company, he generated 250,000+ leads that produced $20+ million dollars in sales with Google Ads. I strongly recommend Daniel for any lead generation project. Thanks, Daniel!"


Jacob Reichlen

Container Shipping

"Working with Daniel has been incredible. His system and insights are a game-changer. We're pulling in over $50k per month like clockwork. I'd recommend anyone looking for Google Ads help to contact him right away."


Brandon Nickles

Digital Strategist
Digital Recruits

"Wow! Dan is super knowledgeable when it comes to Google Ads and helped me troubleshoot my ad campaign. He spotted troubles with my campaign within minutes and crafted a plan that will result in much better performance and of course conversions. I highly recommend him if you need help running your Google Ad campaigns. Thanks Dan!"