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Kristen Esper


"Daniel did a great job for our beta launch on AdWords. He created three successful campaigns. We spent 3k in ad spend over 3 months and acquired 86 leads and 30 customers with a lifetime value of $5,000 each. I never expected such a high return on investment so quickly. He helped with landing page suggestions and provided great reports weekly."


Renee Cantera

Head Of New Business Development
Eikon Digital

“Dan is amazing. He is incredibly easy to work with and knows how to grow business! He also takes the time to explain things and is always so positive. Dan generated over 10,000 conversions for us and hundreds and thousands in sales in under a year. He is a game changer. I am hesitant to write this because what if he is not free next time we need his services? Do not think twice, he is simply the best. Thank you Dan for everything!”


Jon Chintanaroad

Learn To Recruit

“Want to give a quick shout out to my boy Daniel. Been working with Daniel for about a month now. He helped me with my messaging and we were able to achieve double digit click through rate at 11% and conversion rates at 21%. Really happy with those results and next month we’ll start scaling. So excited about that. If you have any questions about Google Daniel knows everything about it.”


James Woller

Jet Pet Resort

“Daniel tripled our lead flow and added an LTV revenue of $350,000 within 15 months. If you need help growing your business with Google Ads this is the guy!”


Tyler Walton

Director of Growth Marketing

“We worked together close to a year and had a lifetime ROI of 185%. Dan will only work with you if he knows he can deliver results for your business model with his system."


Abbas Bababekov

Celestial Cleaners

“50% of our leads were calling us to get service. Daniel’s strategies worked across the board for residential and commercial clients.”


Boruch Akbosh

Akbosh Media Network

“In the 5 years that Daniel worked at my company, he generated 250,000+ leads that produced $20+ million dollars in sales with Google Ads. I strongly recommend Daniel for any lead generation project. Thanks, Daniel!"


Jacob Reichlen

Container Shipping

"Working with Daniel has been incredible. His system and insights are a game-changer. We're pulling in over $50k per month like clockwork. I'd recommend anyone looking for Google Ads help to contact him right away."


Brandon Nickles

Digital Strategist
Digital Recruits

"Wow! Dan is super knowledgeable when it comes to Google Ads and helped me troubleshoot my ad campaign. He spotted troubles with my campaign within minutes and crafted a plan that will result in much better performance and of course conversions. I highly recommend him if you need help running your Google Ad campaigns. Thanks Dan!"

We make clients happy and satisfied.


These are all taken right from our Upwork profile page. Feel free to check them out for yourself!

star (2)

1-on-1 PPC Coaching

I hired Daniel to take me to the next level when it came to PPC Search Campaign Management. He went above and beyond! I have complete confidence in my new abilities and the numbers don't lie - the results from Daniel's coaching has been overwhelmingly positive. As a teacher he coached me at my pace, my level, but still challenged me so that I could learn and grow. Daniel, thank you so much for your time and knowledge. I will be hiring Daniel to coach me on Display Campaigns soon!

Isabella U.

star (2)

Need Adwords Optimization

Daniel is a highly talented PPC advertiser. He is up-to-date on the industry and latest tools and is extremely detail-oriented and careful in his work. His communication skills were excellent; we had full transparency and were kept up-to-date on his optimizations. He managed a very complex campaign for us and we saw improvements right away in lead cost and quality. I highly recommend Daniel.

Alex J.

star (2)

Adwords Setup and Management

Hiring Daniel was the key to saving me thou$ands in testing and refining. He is truly an Adwords expert and adds to that by bringing keen insight on improving conversions. Too many self-proclaimed "Adwords Pros" are focused on the wrong thing. Daniel keeps his laser focus on your profitability...the only metric that matters.

Brantley W.

star (2)

I need a PPC coach to help me manage my AdWords and Bing accounts

I've worked with a number of freelance AdWords experts and Daniel is definitely a cut above the rest. He provided significantly more value than my past hires. This job involved a lot of AdWords coaching, which has been really great. I look forward to working with Daniel again in the near future.

Stefan S.

star (2)

Google Adwords PPC Marketing Strategy

Daniel has been was one of the best business investments I have ever made. 95% of PPC specialists and Adwords coaches are Gary V. impersonators that regurgitate online blog posts; as an Adwords coach Daniel has by far exceeded my expectations after disappointing results with other Adwords consultants. Daniel is in a league above the rest, a PPC data scientist & coach that actually takes the time to deliver results!

Jacob F.

star (2)

Ongoing Google Ads Management

Daniel is a great and patient teacher. He breaks down complicated concepts and walks you through them until you understand. I highly recommend Daniel as a PPC consultant and educator.

Diana L.

star (2)

Paid Advertising Specialist For Online Coaching Company

Daniel is amazing in so many ways! Not only does he know what he's doing in his own field, but he knows tons about business as a whole which is very helpful in getting started in the business world. He was available any time I needed him and went above and beyond. Super happy I chose him out of ALL the other applications I got! Choose Daniel!!

Samantha P.

star (2)

Seeking FACEBOOK / Google Advertising Genius - to TUTOR ME, small startup co. Owner

Very honest authentic dude. First class professional. Knows his stuff. I am happy with the work he has done for me. He is a hard worker and very good at his trade. THANK YOU.

Iris E.

star (2)

PPC AdWords Expert

Daniel is top-notch. Smarts. Integrity. Expertise. We have a complex market dynamic in our digital marketing, and Daniel delivered for us on multiple fronts. Highly recommend him and his service!

Scott M.

star (2)

Google Ad Words Management

Daniel was incredible. Stats show all the traffic that his ad campaigns were generating for me along with all the money that was coming in. Woul def use him again in the future.

Jorge G.

star (2)

Optimize Google Ads Campaign

Daniel did an outstanding job on a long-term project to optimize our Google ads. He helped structure our campaigns to ensure we had the best return on our budget and was able to offer timely recommendations for further improvements. His depth of knowledge goes far beyond Google ads. He provided suggestions on every step of our sales acquisition funnel from the landing pages to different calls to action.

Tim I.

star (2)

Google Ads Newbie Looking for Direction

Daniel is the real deal! I am consistently blown away by the level of his marketing expertise not to mention his professionalism and overall demeanor. Most importantly, his understanding of the the ins and outs of Google Ads is unparalleled. I came to him a total novice, completely overwhelmed by the intricacies of Google Ads. From Day 1, Daniel coached me with clarity and care, helping me navigate the platform and strategize my way to a winning sales funnel. I look forward to our continued success together and cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone looking to expand their business through Google Ads. Thank you Daniel!

Brian W.

star (2)

Google Ads 1 on 1 Live Coach

Daniel is a great google ads and landing page optimization expert. He always came with ideas and kept me updated weekly. He was always available for a call or by text. I recommend Daniel. He is definitely top shelf in the google ads world where it can be hard to find someone reliable with his talent and work ethic. Thank you Daniel!

Marcus K.

star (2)

Expert Needed for Google Ads Setup

Daniel is a Google Ads Wizard! He was very helpful in working with us to create a system for our clients. Full of tips and tricks to get the most out of Google Ads.

David C.

star (2)

Google PPC Marketer

Daniel did a great job for our beta launch on AdWords. He created three successful campaigns. We spent 3k in ad spend over 3 months and acquired 86 leads and 30 customers with a lifetime value of $5,000 each. I never expected such a high return on investment so quickly. He helped with landing page suggestions and provided great reports weekly.

Kristin E.

star (2)

Google Ad Words Specialist For 2 Agency Clients (Long-term) / References Are A Must

Very impressed with Dan's ability to drive results through Google Advertising. Dan grew results from 0 - multi six figures with ease. Month over month, results kept getting better. It was really really fascinating to see. Dan is a true expert, so get in touch, you'll be really glad that you did!

Devon L.

star (2)

Google Ads Audit & Management

Daniel did a great job with our ads account! He's clearly very knowledgeable and we were very happy with the increase in conversions and performance. He was also well organized, diligent, and patient with some of the disorganization we dealt with on our end due to being short-staffed. We hope he will take us on again in the future when we have more ads staffing available. Highly recommend!

Kelly M.

star (2)

Google Ad Set up

I am a small business owner and what prompted me to search for someone like Dan was that I hired ANOTHER marketing firm that did not do a very good job. All the intentions and promises were there, but when my office was receiving calls for Auto Insurance and we sell Health Insurance I was fed up! I, of course, went to the marketing firm and they showed me pretty graphs that people were clicking on the link. So, it wasn’t their fault, they blamed it on my landing page and so forth. BS!! Then I’m like, you know what I have no idea what these guys are even supposed to do! How in the hell am I going to even consider hiring another marketing firm if I don’t know what is going on! I said screw it, I am going to learn what the hell is going on. I figured Facebook out myself, but Google Ad words is a completely different beast. I have tried to go into Google Ad Words myself and before I knew it, I would spend $700 on 3 clicks and have no idea what the hell just happened! Before Dan, I basically had PTSD with Google Ad words at that point. This was the most valuable course I have taken in a long time; I have two Master Degrees and have attended MANY, so called, learning sessions that really were a waste of time at the end of the day. Dan’s course is a MUST for any business owner that wants to dive into the Google Ad Words marketing world. I really had no intention going into his course with doing it myself, but after the course I will be. I will be recommending his course to every and any business owner that even mentions that they may be interested in using Google Ad Words to attract business. If I think about the amount of money/time I wasted trying to figure it out myself or hiring a marketing firm because I don’t know anything and expecting them to do a job that I have no idea on what to look for to make sure they are actually doing the job I hired them for, is disgusting. Save yourself that EXPENSIVE learning curve, Dan’s course is a must! My only regret, I didn’t take his course years ago!

Chad G.