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Pay Per Click Ads Management Testimonials

  • Working with Daniel has been incredible. His system and insights are a game-changer. We’re pulling in over $50k per month like clockwork. I’d recommend anyone looking for pay per click ads help to contact him right away.

    Jacob Reichlen,
    CEO, Container Shipping
  • Dan is amazing. He is incredibly easy to work with and knows how to grow business! He also takes the time to explain things and is always so positive. Dan generated over 10,000 conversions for us and hundreds and thousands in sales in under a year. He is a game changer. I am hesitant to write this because what if he is not free next time we need his services? Do not think twice, he is simply the best. Thank you Dan for everything!

    Eikon Digital
  • We worked together close to a year and had a lifetime ROI of 185%. Dan will only work with you if he knows he can deliver results for your business model with his system.

    Tyler Walton,
    Director of Growth Marketing, Houwzer

Pay Per Click Ads Audits Testimonials

  • If it were an option to give six stars I would. Daniel is a dream to partner with on all levels. Within 72 hours of our first interview Daniel conducted a pay per click adwords account audit with significantly more details and specific instructions than I could have imagined. He displayed an exceptional expertise. I am extremely excited to see what the changes will do to our account. If you are considering working with Daniel in any capacity regarding pay per click adwords he will NOT disappoint on

    – James Woller,
    Upwork Testimonial, Co-Owner Jet Pet Resort
  • Daniel is one of the best consultants i’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. His pay per click ads (formerly Adwords) audit and analysis was ridiculously thorough, insightful, and actionable. I have no idea how he accomplished what he did in three hours AND had the time to go over everything with me. My Ads campaign management will be immediately better off for it and it was a genuinely great experience working with him as well. If you need help with keyword research, ad group arrangement, bidding strategies, ad formulas, the ads editor, etc, he’s your guy.

    Ken Marshall,
    Upwork Testimonial, Doorbell Digital
  • Great audits from Daniel. These are three of many audits we’ve done with him. He’s consistent and thorough and always makes sure he’s providing value.

    Diana Lopez,
    Upwork Testimonial, E-Page City

Pay Per Click Ads Coaching Testimonials

  • Want to give a quick shout out to my boy Daniel. He is my pay per click ads coach. Been working with Daniel for about a month now. He helped me with my messaging and we we’re able to achieve double digit click through rate at 11% and conversion rates at 21%. Really happy with those results and next month we’ll start scaling. So excited about that. If you have any questions about pay per click Daniel knows everything about it.

    Jon Chintanaroad,
    CEO, Learn To Recruit
  • I’ve worked with a number of freelance AdWords experts and Daniel is definitely a cut above the rest. He provided significantly more value than my past hires. This job involved a lot of AdWords coaching, which has been really great. I look forward to working with Daniel again in the near future.

    Stefan Scheepers,
    CEO, The Apprentice Doctor
  • I hired Daniel to take me to the next level when it came to PPC Search Campaign Management. He went above and beyond! I have complete confidence in my new abilities and the numbers don’t lie – the results from Daniel’s coaching has been overwhelmingly positive. As a teacher he coached me at my pace, my level, but still challenged me so that I could learn and grow. Daniel, thank you so much for your time and knowledge. I will be hiring Daniel to coach me on Display Campaigns soon!

    Isabella Umaly,
    PPC Freelancer