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Eikon Digital

B2B Service Provider

See How We Generated 10,716 forms and phone calls in 9 months


“Dan is amazing. He is incredibly easy to work with and knows how to grow business! He also takes the time to explain things and is always so positive. Dan generated over 10,000 conversions for us and hundreds and thousands in sales in under a year. He is a game changer. I am hesitant to write this because what if he is not free next time we need his services? Do not think twice, he is simply the best. Thank you Dan for everything!”

Renee Cantera

VP of Business Development


Jet Pet Resort

B2C Service Provider

Added LTV revenue of $350,000 within 15 months.


“Daniel tripled our lead flow and added an LTV revenue of $350,000 within 15 months. If you need help growing your business with Google Ads this is the guy!”

James Woller

Jet Pet Resort Co-Owner


Container Shipping

B2C & B2B Service Provider

Generated 58,000 leads in 8 years


"Working with Daniel has been incredible. His system and insights are a game-changer. We're pulling in over $50k per month like clockwork. I'd recommend anyone looking for Google Ads help to contact him right away."

Jacob Reichlin

CEO Container Shipping

The 6 Step Process That Delivers Results

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    The Offer

    The best google ads managers can execute all the advanced optimizations you want, but it can’t save a campaign with a weak offer. We’ve seen more campaigns with terrible account structures and great offers succeed than amazing account structures and weak offers. Keep this part as simple as possible. Put together an offer that solves your customers main problem and show them how you’ve helped others do it.

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    The Message

    Words move people to act. Most businesses try to be “salesy” or talk about themselves. We do this and we do that. That doesn’t work anymore. You’ve got to shift all your attention to your prospect. You can’t force or trick people into doing anything. Times have really changed. They can google a competitor in an instant. Tell them what they want to hear, and you’ll attract them. Be honest and real with people.

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    Google has made targeting simpler. In social media and the display networks you must target your audience based on their demographics and/or interests. In Google Ads, you can target your best prospects by the words they type into the engine. In just a few minutes your target market can interact with your funnel. Kind of like the way you are now. We don’t specialize in SEO and only run Google Ads. Chances are you saw our ad and it piqued your interest. You can do the exact same thing with your potential prospects.

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    Profit Tracking

    All leads are not created equal. You could have a handful of campaigns, but you’ll never know which one produces the most sales if you’re not profit tracking. It’s why a lot of businesses are touch-n-go from month to month. They keep pausing the more expensive keywords/ads not knowing that’s where the actual sale came from. Whether you’re using a CRM or Google Sheets we’ll put together a reporting system that tracks every dollar.

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    Build Your Pipeline

    This phase is more about your sales team than anything else. It’s the moment where we get them into a rhythm. The moment we use their feedback to adjust the funnel, so that prospects can be ready to receive them better. Once your team is on a roll, we can start driving more leads in their direction. The video at the top of this page covers this part more. This phase is crucial if you’re planning to increase sales by 2-10x.

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    At this stage, we’ve built a strong marketing and sales foundation that can handle a new wave of prospects. The entire team will not be overwhelmed as they’ve been prepped for this day through the “Build Your Pipeline” phase. They are confident and ready to rock. Everything is streamlined for booking appointments, closing deals, and over delivering. It’s not uncommon to see businesses 2-10x their earnings.

We Take The Time To Understand Each Client's Business To Develop Campaigns For Significant Growth.

Here’s What Businesses Had To Say After Going Through The Process


Kristen Esper


"Daniel did a great job for our beta launch on AdWords. He created three successful campaigns. We spent 3k in ad spend over 3 months and acquired 86 leads and 30 customers with a lifetime value of $5,000 each. I never expected such a high return on investment so quickly. He helped with landing page suggestions and provided great reports weekly."


Abbas Bababekov

Celestial Cleaners

“50% of our leads were calling us to get service. Daniel’s strategies worked across the board for residential and commercial clients.”


Tyler Walton

Director of Growth Marketing

“We worked together close to a year and had a lifetime ROI of 185%. Dan will only work with you if he knows he can deliver results for your business model with his system."

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