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Working with Daniel has been incredible. His system and insights are a game-changer. We're pulling in over $50k per month like clockwork. I'd recommend anyone looking for pay per click ads help to contact him right away.
Boruch Akbosh
Jacob Reichlen

General Manager, Container Shipping

In the 5 years that Daniel worked at my company, he generated 250,000+ leads that produced $20+ million dollars in sales with pay per click ads. I strongly recommend Daniel for any lead generation project. Thanks, Daniel!
Boruch Akbosh
Boruch Akbosh

CEO & Founder, Akbosh Media Network

Get The Same Profitability & Scaling Secrets The Top 5% Are Using To Rapidly Grow Their Business With Pay Per Click Ads

1. Sales Focused

Successful businesses focus on providing value, acquiring new clients, and closing bigger deals. This is what moves and keeps businesses alive. Every decision is based on those 3 factors. Don’t waste time on vanity metrics.

2. Funnel Validation

Throwing 100s of keywords into the engine might have worked in 2005. However, with so many options and possibilities for our customers it’s important to deliver solutions. Every business that proves their concept thrives for years to come and has an easier time scaling up.

3. “Relationship” Marketing

The internet gave us access to all the information the world has to offer. There is nothing that can’t be found or will eventually end up online. Do you really think your audience is looking for more info? Connecting with them is the key and finding the perfect moment is where pay per click ads comes in. Everyone comes to pay per click find something.

4. Profit Tracking

All leads are not created equal. We have to stop randomly pausing and scaling campaigns just because things look good on the surface. We’ll go over the opportunities profit tracking will have for your business.

5. Marketing & Sales Is A Journey And Everyone Wants To Reach Their Destination!

No one sets out on a journey to fail. Understanding that the marketing and sales process is in fact a journey and doesn’t end at the click is crucial for longevity in business. We’ll introduce strategies and tactics that will fuse your services throughout the customer’s journey.

6. Aggressive Testing

The magic formula for building high producing campaigns is simply testing. The more you do it the better off you’ll be. The only reason any campaign has failed is they did not test enough and they did not test properly. There is a science to testing and you want to do it in a way where you can leverage every dollar.

7. Granular Campaigns

Granular campaign structures provide clear answers. When you have clear answers you can make better decisions. Good decisions put you way ahead of the game.You’ll get granular campaigns so that you can control the algorithm rather than to be at it’s mercy.

8. Delicious Bait

Your business will always be stuck in limbo unless you start waking up to an inbox full of leads every single morning. The good news is Search Engines are a reliable source of traffic. You just need to throw in a delicious piece of bait. We’ll put together an offer that’ll attract your ideal customer.

9. Throughput Systems

Lead Generation is only part one of a profitable campaign. We’ll implement a routine for turning these leads into appointments and sales. We’re not going to smother them, but we must take the kind of action that will keep moving your customers down the buying process. If you know how to set appointments and close deals then MAZAL TOV you’re one step ahead of the game.

10. Interaction Based Tracking

I am not a fan of vanity metrics, but they do leave clues. We’ll implement advanced tracking methods to document how your visitors are interacting with your funnel using Tag Manager and Analytics. These extra details will help you reach your destination faster.

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5-Star World Class Relentless Support & Commitment To You

A bit excessive for a headline, no? I really mean it…

Me, Myself & Daniel

You only get me. Your account will not be white labelled or passed along to someone else. This has become common practice in the industry. Agencies and even freelancers will hire someone for a fraction of the cost and slap on a company email for them. Not cool!

Video Q & A Support

When you’re doing something new it’s totally normal to have questions. I prefer that we don’t wait a couple of days until our next call to sort through any roadblocks or points of clarification. Feel free to reach out anytime and you’ll get a video reply within 24 hrs. Sometimes video is just have a better way of communicating.

Weekly Updates

Most reports try to cram your brain with fancy pay per click ads jargon. They leave you with a wealth of information that you can’t leverage or understand. We’re going to create a report you’ll understand and most of all have action steps.


You’ll get a roadmap of the exact steps we’re going to take. It’ll include the strategy, list of tasks, process, and goals. We’ll both be on the same page focused on winning.


You will have 100% access to everything. I just ask you don’t make any changes and trust the process.

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See How Generated Over 59,000 Leads Following These 4 Major Principles

Working with Daniel has been incredible. His system and insights are a game-changer. We’re pulling in over $50k per month like clockwork. I’d recommend anyone looking for pay per click ads help to contact him right away”. – Jacob Rechlen, General Manager, Container Shipping

Refine & Scale – 10,775 Conversions In 9 Months For Eikon

Dan generated over 10,000 conversions for us and hundreds and thousands in sales in under a year. Do not think twice, he is simply the best pay per plick ads pro. Thank you Dan for everything! – Eikon Digital

Discover How We 3x Lead Flow For Jet Pet Resort Using 1 Formula

Daniel tripled our lead flow and added an LTV revenue of $350,000 within 15 months. If you need help growing your business with pay per click ads this is the guy! – James Woller, Jet Pet Resort, Co-Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

B2B & B2C Businesses that need more leads, appointments and sales.

I work on all types of accounts from corporate enterprise to startups. We all have to start somewhere. However, if you’re looking for ONLY 10 leads a month and satisfied with $5k monthly earnings for the rest of your life I’m not going to be a good fit.

The process never ends. Once we start working together it’s all about progress and winning. We will never stop pushing forward. You have the option to end your campaign at any moment. No one is held on a contract.

You’re going to get pay per click ads Management from someone that has generated over 300,000 leads and $20+ million dollars for his clients. It’s not cheap, but it is fair for what you are accessing.

Hey, Dan here...remember that crazy headline at the top with the 5-star world class relentless support? I am in it all the way as long as you are. The more insights I have the better we can do.

No. Only hard and smart work. We need to gather data, make good decisions...rinse and repeat until we succeed.

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