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About Me


✅ WHAT I DO: I help businesses fix their conversion rates & scale-up. We use Google Ads strategies like profit tracking, authority marketing, funnel validation campaigns, 1-to-1 keyword ratios, and much more to build a successful client acquisition system.

✅ HOW I DO THIS: We’ll leverage your Google Ads data, market knowledge, and industry experience to put an effective marketing campaign that moves your prospects down the buying process. The more of your prospects we move down the ladder the more sales you’ll have.

✅ WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: I’ve done this 5x for myself as an affiliate marketer promoting B2C & B2B offers and over 20x for business owners using Google Ads. I don’t teach theory. I show you what works, how I’m currently applying it for my clients, and how we’ll implement the techniques in yours.

✅ WHO ARE MY CLIENTS: You’ll be a b2c or b2b service provider in the United States or Canada.

✅ MY EXPERIENCE: In the last 11 years, I’ve generated over 300,000 leads that resulted in over $30 million dollars worth of revenue for my clients. I’ve consulted for affiliate networks, trained agencies, grew corporations, and helped local businesses thrive with Google Ads.

✅ WATCH THE VIDEO: Watch the video on the top left to see how I helped a few of my clients launch their new funnels and scale up using “The Groundhog Technique”.

✅ PORTFOLIO: Scroll down to the portfolio section to access other Google Ads case studies. The videos go over advanced strategies and tactics that are probably not available on blogs or YouTube channels.

✅ HOW IT WORKS: We start with a free 15 min call to see if I can help. If we’re not well-matched, don’t worry. I’ll instantly tell you and provide some recommendations where you’re most likely to succeed.