About Me


This isn’t going to be your typical “About Me” page where I say something boring about who I worked for and who I work with now…money this and money that…blah blah blah.

Instead I want to get real with you all and let you in on parts of my life. Now, I am not one of those Ferrari-renting, helipad-video recording, yacht travelers like you see on your Facebook News Feed.
I am a simple man with a business that provides me with the financial freedom to live my lifestyle on my terms.

So, why am I going to share my story?
Because nobody ever talks about the real stuff. You know, things like:

  • 12 to 16-hour workdays, plus weekends
  • 2 jobs
  • Taking care of 4 kids
  • Nonstop calls from 7 different credit card companies all wanting their minimum payments
  • Using your savings to move cross country for a business that never happened
  • Giving up your home to save your daughter’s life
  • Living behind a curtain
  • Juggling bills, and no, not like a clown
  • Medical challenges
  • And multiple failing businesses

We only see people at their peak, when they have the money, great family life, successful marriages, and financial freedom. We think it instantly appeared. Nobody wonders what they had to do to get there.

So, let’s dive in. Here are the 6 parts.


Part 1 – Di..d.dddd…aaaaa….i.sttuutt…ttttttt….er?

Did I Stutttttter?

I don’t know what happened when I was a kid, but I was the one that stuttered.

I heard all the stories.

A dog attacked you!

Some kids were bullying you!

Something scared you to hell and back!

It didn’t matter. It didn’t make a difference how it started. I didn’t even remember.

I was 4 years old and I was terrified of everything. I don’t remember much back then, but what I can remember was always being full of fear.

Moving To America

We lived in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, and it wasn’t safe anymore. Our town had a few terrorist attacks by some rebels. My older brother nearly died as they unleashed bullets into the streets, killing everyone in their path.

Russian soldiers came to our neighborhood to protect us against the radicals. It didn’t matter what religion or nationality you held. Their bullets didn’t discriminate.

The choice was between Israel or America, and my father chose America. It took some time, but we came to Queens, New York as Jewish refugees.

I was oblivious to this all. I was only 5 years old. War was far from my mind.

I was excited to see the big planes when we visited Moscow and I barfed on a plane for 15 hrs.

We arrived penniless. No place to call home. Just a luggage full of clothes and pictures.

Unfortunately, Russian rubles weren’t going to cut it in the US. Thankfully, our family members helped us out.

I remember when we got our first apartment. It happened to be 15 feet away from train tracks, and my brothers and I slept on the floor.

It was the best alarm clock I ever had.

Everything in the house shook, including our organs!


I remember how traumatizing my first day of school was.

In my little world, it was not an ideal time.

Not sure what the school was thinking, but I was placed in 1st grade.

Not knowing a word of English, I was left back within a few weeks.

I went to ESL, aka English as a Second Language, for the next 2 years.

Those 2 years planted a seed in my mind. Something inside started to stir.

You see in those 2 years of ESL, I met people that were there for years!

It shocked the hell out of me. I couldn’t understand why it would take that long.

I was determined to get out, not because I was “better” but because I couldn’t stand the thought of not improving.

My confidence started to grow, especially when I graduated ESL.


I was not that conscious of my stuttering when I was in elementary school. I thought nothing of it. Sometimes it happened, and sometimes it didn’t.

It was only when I got to junior high school that things got a bit out of control.

There were times when teachers forced me to read out loud and I couldn’t even spit out a word.

When my anxiety went out of control, I pretended I could not find my place or didn’t know the answer.

I could have been a straight A student but lost a lot of points. I was too scared to try to face my fear.

Some kids laughed and some felt sorry.

I hated it. I wish I had more courage. I was a coward.

My older brother saw this, and he took action. He was the different one in our family. Nothing got in his way. Any goal he set, he dominated. He was relentless. He did not take “no” for an answer…ever!

I was the complete opposite, and to this day, I owe a lot to him for all the lessons he taught and the time he spent investing in my growth.

Anyway, he signed us up at the local community center for boxing!

He stayed for a few sessions until I was comfortable on my own. He disappeared after that.

That was kind of his thing. He’d get me started and the rest was “figure it out.”

I hated that slogan, but it made me step up every time.

I learned how to fight and break my opponents down fast. I had the courage to take on anyone.

It was a major confidence booster.

That transferred to other areas of my life. I started socializing and communicating with people.

I developed my own strategies for overcoming my stuttering. They were not healthy strategies, but I found ways to work it out with my mind.

I learned here that my stuttering was a mental game. I had to create new neural patterns to overcome this.

It helped, but it wasn’t enough when it came to the big things, like going to a job interview, taking a sales call, or being asked to speak at the synagogue because your beard makes everyone think you are a rabbi!

I looked like I was having a stroke with an epileptic attack of some kind or Jim Carrey doing one of his funny faces.

It’s okay. I would have laughed at me too.

Part 2 – Destructive Discipline


Boxing was great. It changed my life.

It wasn’t until I started sparring at the gym that I stumbled across what I really loved.

You see, I was losing fights in the ring. It wasn’t official fights or anything, just guys in the gym challenging each other.

I could move well. I knew all the angles, the proper steps to take.

The problem was when I swung at my opponent. It was like getting hit by a 100-year-old grandma. I had no power. I was a scrawny 130-lb kid. I had twigs for legs and chicken wings for arms. Haha!

I even remember my first fight.

I knew he was going to kick my ass. He did a great job. I got a beating.

I just kept telling myself, no matter what happens he won’t knock me out.

I fought with heart and my face showed it.

My coach was worried during the fight. Between rounds he kept asking if I wanted to keep going, and I nodded each time.

I wasn’t going to surrender in any way. I kept going and he kept hitting.

I felt like Rocky. If you haven’t seen the movies, go take a look at how Apollo or the Russian just whooped the life out of his face.

I bet if I had an Adrian at the time, I would have made a miraculous comeback.

Getting ahead of myself…

Anyhow, I was really scared. I was shaking. People laughed and cheered the other guy, but I kept on going.

I think that was one of the proudest moments in my life. I was really happy I didn’t get knocked out.

After the fight, my coach said, “You have a good hook, but we need to add some weight on you. We need to get some power in those hits. Go start lifting weights.”

That summer I went to Platinum Gym in Queens, NY. It’s not around anymore. It’s a supermarket now.

I remember my other brother signing me up. As we walked through the gym, I saw this big guy squatting 675 lbs on the bar.


I thought, “Look at that power. I bet nobody can kick his ass.”

My brother grabbed me and said, “HEY! If you ever do that I am going to kill you!”

Anyway, we started training, and like with every other gym member, every day was NATIONAL CHEST AND BICEPS DAY!

I couldn’t even move the bar! That’s how weak I was. No wonder I was losing in the ring!

I remember bench pressing. My arms were vibrating and I couldn’t even press 45 lbs!

I looked like I was doing that stupid dumbbell vibrator. I may as well have!

People laughed and I used it as fuel.

I was weak, but I was determined. I started training, learning, and growing.

I went from 130 lbs to 230 lbs in 5 years.

When I started, I could bench 45 lbs x 2 reps, squat 45 lbs x 5 reps, and deadlift 75 lbs x 1 rep.

I refused to use “supplements.” I wanted to do it naturally. I was always told, “You are weak,” “You’ll never be able to lift a chicken,” “It’s not for you,” etc.

I wanted to see what I could do without the juice. I didn’t want to rely on something to get better. I wanted to earn it.

I trained 6 times per week. I was relentless. I ate 5-8 meals a day. I trained with fevers. It was no problem!

When all was said and done, my best lifts were 315 lb bench, 585 lb squat, and a deadlift of 525 lbs without a belt or those funny powerlifting suits.

I was disciplined, but I paid the price for it. I don’t regret it one bit, though.

I had more injuries than I could count.

  • I tore my left quadriceps 2 times
  • I tore my right quadriceps 3 times
  • Minor chest tear
  • Torn ligament in my left shoulder
  • Minor tears on any muscle you can imagine
  • Ligament and tendon damage in my shoulders, knees, and ankles
  • I couldn’t move my arm for a while after I felt something pop in my shoulder/bicep area during a heavy bench session.
  • I injured my spine deadlifting. I just lay there on the floor thinking no way was this the end. It took 1 hr to get home, which is like a 15-min walk from the gym. Could not walk normally for a very long time.
  • Every step I take feels like a knife piercing my knees and ankles.

I just healed myself and came back to destroy all my records.

I had to do this. I had to prove to myself. Many people told me I was stupid for all this. No one could understand why I was torturing myself to that degree and I wasn’t even competing. I had nothing on the line — no titles, championships, or money.

I just loved it! It was my life.

I left powerlifting years ago. I took it as far as I could. I felt like I got what I needed out of it and it was time to move on.

I admit the injuries took a toll on my body, but if I could go back, I would not do one thing differently. In fact, I would take bigger risks and lift even more weight.

Every injury made me stronger. Every injury pushed me to the limit mentally. Powerlifting transformed me.

Challenging FEAR

At this time, I was in college. I was evolving.

I hardly stuttered, but when I did, it was for major things only, things like speeches, interviews, etc. The big things. People didn’t scare me anymore, but public speaking annihilated me.

I could carry conversations and socialize with people. Only unique situations threw me off my game.

I went to the Zicklin School of Business in Baruch College. We had to give presentations. I remember in my first 3 years of college, it was touch and go.

I was so terrified of public speaking. I wanted to be an ostrich and bury my head.

I sweated. I couldn’t breathe. One day I lost full control. I stuttered, spitting and making crazy facial expressions. It was so bad that people laughed at me. One guy in particular laughed so loud I gave him such a death stare. I think his soul left his body for just a sec.

I was a 230-lb embarrassed, pissed off powerlifter who nearly lost his cool. The teacher thought I was going to kill him, and he quickly stopped laughing. He turned red. And you know what? It didn’t matter.

I focused on my breathing and I finished the presentation.

I went to the park after the presentation. I felt like the biggest loser. I felt like I let myself down and I would amount to nothing in my life.

That year I vowed I would overcome my fear of public speaking.

I decided to take action.

Guess what I did?

I registered for 6 classes that specifically had 2 presentations each. That year I delivered 12 presentations, 6 before the midterms and 6 before the finals.

I was speaking in front of an audience of 30 to 200 people.

I even thought to put on a diaper. I did crazy stuff to prepare like smelling things, audio meditation, and positive affirmations. I even psyched myself up yelling, “Come on, mother f$ck3r! You got this! Wooohooo!” It was kind of funny. I was cracking up, but it turned out all right.

I did my best and messed up slightly on a few, and that was my problem. I always pushed for perfection when really I should have just aimed for progress each time.

(Quick fast forward) In the following years I was even asked to say a few words at my synagogue. I don’t know why. The guy just looked at me and said, “Hey, you want to say a few words?” I thought, “Why the hell not? I am not going to be a chicken anymore. That dude is dead. It’s a brand new me.” I took a few seconds to collect myself, gave everyone a little death stare (hahaha), and went for it. I did a fantastic job.

You can’t imagine how proud I was. Challenging my fear helped with other things down the road, like speaking at my engagement party in front of hundreds of people, jumping on sales calls, and taking interviews. It was really nothing all along and that’s because it was nothing.

We create our own fears.

We can defeat them too.

Personal Training Business

(rewinding back to post college)

I was the first person who graduated college in my family. I worked at some local grocery store for the next 6 months until I figured out my next move.

I didn’t want to work in a cubicle. I was determined to have my own business. After all, I did go to business school and it was time to apply what I learned.

I wanted to be a personal trainer because of how much I loved lifting.

I got a few clients and was bankrupt after 2 months.

I wondered what the hell went wrong. I was jacked and strong. Who wouldn’t want to work with me? How the heck did Joe Shmoe who couldn’t even lift a toilet seat get so many clients!

I was determined to find out how I failed.

Suddenly, college felt like a waste of time.

I soon realized Joe Shmoe won because he had a great marketing plan, knew how to get appointments, and close deals.

I left college with no systems or processes. I didn’t even know how to do those 3 things and it took years to figure out.

I learned nothing about business from the prestigious Zicklin School of Business.

I followed up with other graduates and many had no job for their profession or skill sets.

I couldn’t understand what was going on. I was in a state of shock. You can’t imagine how pissed I was.

I knew accountants, marketers, finance majors, etc…all without jobs and skill sets. We couldn’t do jack on our own.

How could college not have prepared us for life?

Affiliate Newbie

My brother (the one that signed me up for boxing) introduced me to Internet Marketing shortly after my business failed. I figured I had nothing else going, so I might as well jump on board.

Personal training was a disaster. I thought maybe this wouldn’t be.

The first campaign I managed was for a moving company. I sucked so much at it. I tested different things in hopes something would work.

I got leads, but it was nothing impressive. The company closed down and we moved on to affiliate marketing. We saw a lot of potential here.

6-Figure Success

The 2nd campaign was a major success.

We used an account structure that we learned from testing the moving company. Looking back now, it was like intermediate level strategies, but it generated 2,000 leads per month!

(Side note: Remember this always…a newbie taking action is better than an expert doing nothing.)

Those 2,000 leads were sold for about $10,000 to $20,000 worth of revenue depending on the season. It was a B2C offer and it did really well in the spring and summer months.

We made well over 6 figures per year.

It felt really good after that personal training failure.

Eventually, we built a small team around that offer. I was managing and training 3 guys. I was at the top of my game and felt like Arnold or Chuck Norris standing in front of 100 people with automatic machine guns, and somehow they are all still missing even though I am only 10 feet away!

Don’t get me wrong. I liked college…I guess. I had nothing better going after high school and didn’t want to flip burgers. However, it was a bloody waste of time for my profession. I learned more about business as an affiliate in 1 month than I did 4 years in college.

Thing were looking good and they were about to get better.

Cloud Nine

It was my sister’s wedding.

I noticed the girl in the red dress. I felt like talking to her, but my train of thought was lost.

It was nonstop commotion. I was helping out all over the place.

Anyhow, that girl in the red dress apparently worked with my brother-in-law, and guess who was introduced to her a few weeks later?

That’s right! It was meant to be!

We started dating and hit it off. Within 6 months, we were married.

We had an awesome wedding.

We were excited to start our life together.

We were on cloud nine.

Until we got the news…

Part 3 – The Pit

Lost My Income

I’m going to have to quote Brian Tracy on this one.

I saw one of his YouTube videos where he said, “Either you are about to go into a crisis, you are in the crisis, or coming out of the crisis.”

Everything was going great.

I had breakfast. Turned on my laptop. Logged into pay per click and we were banned. Just like that!

There was nothing I could do and it was game over. I called in a bunch of times and got nothing.

Nobody could help or was allowed to help. We were out. I lost my income overnight.

I had rent due in 2 weeks.

Oh, and by the way, did I mention my wife was a few months pregnant!?

My brother and I found a way to get some income through the door, but barely made ends meet.

It wasn’t even penny to penny. It was just survive as long as we could.

I thought it was tough.

Until we got the news…

Esophageal Atresia

We went for a sonogram, and we could just see it on the nurse’s face.

I don’t blame her, but she needs to learn how to control her emotions a bit better.

It was obvious something was off.

The doctor asked us to come into his office. He said he doesn’t see a stomach and that our daughter’s liver was enlarged.

We had no idea what we were getting into and I prayed like a savage, hoping that he was wrong.

Doctors make mistakes too, and boy was this doctor way off.

1 month later, my wife was hospitalized.

The doctors came in during this hospitalization running all sorts of tests and told us 5 more problems our daughter had.

We were stressing. I think I lost 50% of my hair during this time.

Nothing we could do until the delivery day.

2 months later, she was born. It was an emergency c-section. The umbilical cord was wrapped twice around her neck.

She was beautiful, but you can tell her waist area wasn’t typical for a newborn.

After a few tests, we got the final word.

There was a stomach, but it was so tiny the sonogram could not pick it up.

The liver was normal.

She had esophageal atresia. Her stomach wasn’t connected to her esophagus.

The esophagus was just dangling there.

Her saliva went nowhere, so she constantly chocked on it.

They put a tube down her throat to permanently suction the saliva out.

This was kind of rare. It was unheard of in my small world.

We spent the next 2 years at the hospital. Traveling constantly back and forth. It felt like a never-ending process.

Part-time Affiliate Marketing

This was one of my wake-up calls. All I cared about before was my powerlifting, but my daughter showed a whole new world.

She showed a world that mattered, and that was FAMILY!

I gave up powerlifting for a while. It wasn’t important anymore. Spending as much time with my daughter was priority #1.

We really had no clue what to expect.

Fighting For Life

My daughter got hit with pneumonia so many times I lost count.

She had a dozen small procedures done on her esophagus. One of these procedures went wrong and they cut through her esophagus. That was very serious according to the doctor whose head I wanted to bobble back and forth. He had a big mouth about how his procedure was more advanced. He was nervous and scared. I don’t blame him. He thought either he was going to lose his job or I was going to give him a fresh one. We never did that “magic” procedure again.

She had 3 major surgeries done. Thank G-d, each one was a success. I can’t begin to tell you how vulnerable you feel standing there, just watching. Nothing you can do but pray. It’s life-changing.
You learn to have patience, trust in G-d, and trust in the process.

My daughter survived a bunch of intense nights in the hospital. It was so often that the staff remembered us.

She is a real warrior of life. She never gave up. She always fought. She has a heart of a lion.

Most of all, she proved the doctors wrong. People with her condition at times develop other challenges or really don’t come out 100% on point. It’s just how it is.

We are fortunate. We are very lucky.

During this time we gave up the lease on our apartment to go to Boston Children’s Hospital for another procedure, but our insurance didn’t pull through. In the end, we didn’t end up going.

With the loss of my business, we didn’t have the funds to get a new place, so we moved in with my parents.

My parents lived in a 1-bedroom apartment. We moved into the living room. We put up a curtain and that’s how we lived for the next 1.5 years.

Looking back, it was for the best. I didn’t have to worry about any bills. We focused completely on our daughter. Either way, we weren’t there half the time. We were always in the hospital, usually for 1-3 weeks at a time.

Eventually, we saved up some money and got our own place. You can’t imagine what’s it’s like losing your home, living behind a curtain, living in the hospital, and then finally getting your own place.

It was a 2-bedroom colonial-looking type place. It was pretty nice. My wife and I loved it.

We had a home again. We had our daughter. It was a true blessing.

More great news during this time was we found our way back into pay per click. They actually called us up and said we’re back in.

I guess it was a gift from G-d.

Freight Agent

Even though we got back in, that offer really changed in the last 2 years that I was away. We were making money, but not like before.

I felt like the internet marketing world wasn’t for me. I still optimized campaigns, but I wasn’t growing.

I spent most of my day thinking, stressing, and eating myself alive over my daughter.

I didn’t cope well with it.

A different opportunity came up, and I took it.

I worked for the next 6 months as a freight agent.

It was a little different. I got my own leads and worked with a freight forwarding company to service them.

I didn’t make a single sale in the first month.

I knew I had to improve my speaking skills. I needed more confidence. I needed a process.

In the next 4 months I closed only 2 deals. I kept practicing and working on my game.

Finally, on the 6th month I closed 12 deals that generated a few thousand dollars in sales for the company.

I left the job that same month! Some questionable stuff came up and I wasn’t comfortable with it so I stepped away.

I realized how important an appointment-setting system was and that everything is sales.

Even the company told me, “It’s not really sales”. However, I’ll tell you that from the moment your customer interacts with the ad copy until the end of that call is nothing but SALES! Once I started using sales techniques I was able to go from 0 sales to 12 deals practically overnight.

Selling Software

Shortly after, another opportunity came up.
I got a job where I had to sell this software for the field services niche. They did door knocks and property preservation work.

pay per click it. I am not getting into it now. Just know I was selling software.

Although I wasn’t successful at getting this software sold for $250,000, I was able to connect my company with some c-level executives using LinkedIn.

I learned a lot more about communication and setting the proper tone at the key moments. I spent the next few months networking and introducing the company to businesses that could be interested in buying them out.

I quit this job after a few months, too. It wasn’t my thing in the end. Anyone could sit there and connect people. I wanted to do more.

So I got back into internet marketing. Started growing and learning again. Trying to catch up with everything I missed out on in the last 2 years.

This time I had a new set of skills, like networking, appointment setting, and sales. Combine that with Lead Generation, and it’s game on!

Shoulder Tear

I started going to the gym again!

It wasn’t the same. My passion for powerlifting died out. I was okay with that. I moved on to the next stage in my life, which was to build a successful business and take care of my family.

It’s all I cared about. It became my new “Destructive Discipline”.

I started getting great results. I lost a lot of strength and size, but my numbers were growing.

I got overexcited and ahead of myself. I kept pushing my training to a level I was not ready for. I ended injuring my shoulder during an incline bench.

My wife gave birth to our 2nd child around this time. I couldn’t even pick up the little dude.

I got an MRI and it was a ligament tear in my left shoulder.

Knee Injury

A few weeks later during a set of squats, I injured my right knee really badly. I knew it was another tear. I went to therapy, but it was not much help.

I am still rehabbing my knee to this day. It’s not 100%

Part 4 – Light At The Tunnel

Moving To Florida

I wanted to take my internet game to the next level, so I decided to move from New York to Florida because that was the HQ of our business.

We communicated by Skype, but sitting next to each other would be a game changer.

Things would move faster! Right…at least that’s what I planned for.

I saved up what money I could. By the time I moved there and got settled down, I didn’t have a single dollar in my bank account.

I forgot how much it was, but I think I spent around $5K moving to Florida and getting settled down.

I thought it was worth the risk and opportunity.

Getting Settled

Once again, I ended up living with my parents (who also relocated to Florida), but this time it was only for 3 months. Drum roll please…it wasn’t behind a curtain! It was a big house. Plenty of space for everyone.

When I got here, there were so many people saying hi to me that I thought there had to be someone standing behind me. How could people be so friendly??

Back in New York, if someone said hi, I got ready for a fight. That’s just the way it was where I was from. I realized soon that maybe New York isn’t normal and a bit overrated.

Getting a Home & Car

We looked for a nice suburban place and we got it. Quiet neighborhood. Friendly people. 10 times nicer than New York.

I spent another $5K moving into our new home and getting a car. 3 months running around in this Florida heat was not fun.

Whatever you saw on TV about Florida and the beaches…it’s the opposite.

The weather is nice, but it is boiling hot.

Things were starting to calm down.

Back To 6 Figures

We started building more campaigns and we made a killing selling B2B Leads.

Our business grew to 6 figures again. We were back in the game.

Remember that crisis quote from Brian Tracy…

Part 5 – Jack-Of-All-Trades

Separate Ways

The affiliate business was great, but it wasn’t my brother’s passion.

That year, he moved on to business coaching. It made sense, but I felt like I moved to FL for nothing.

I thought about moving back to NY, but my family was flourishing here. My kids were excelling and my wife was happy.

We got closer and bonded a lot more than when we lived in New York. We decided to stay here.

I was shocked and a little pissed, but it was the best move for him. He had over 20 years of experience running and scaling businesses. It was his passion and he went for it.

I was on my own now. I didn’t see it then, but it was the best thing for me. I kind of always relied on him for everything. I was on the front end and he was on the back end.

I didn’t really know how to operate a business. I understood marketing, setting appointments, and sales. Managing people, expenses, etc. was a different world.

I had no choice but to learn.

The affiliate campaigns took a different turn. There were times when certain offers were blowing up, and dying out too.

There was a lot of inconsistency.

I went from 6 figures to 5 figures. It wasn’t bad, but I started thinking about my next move.

I thought about it, and my Facebook News Feed was blowing up with agency courses. So, that’s what I did.

It sounded perfect. Get a few clients. Charge $1,000 minimum and retain them for a year or so.

Things started to pick up. I brought on a few clients. Kept focusing on lead generation services for pay per click.

A little Facebook…

A little e-commerce…

A little PPV marketing…

ClickFunnels, Unbounce…more software…hiring freelancers…working with other agencies as a consultant…creating a course.

I lost my mind!

I went out of control!

It was a bloody mess!

We had no systems or processes. I was literally burnt out. Punched in the gut.

I lost myself in the process and the business went crashing down.

It was all my fault. I didn’t focus. I tried being the king of everything.

I didn’t lose too much money on this venture.

I saw how not having systems just ruined my whole business.

I realized that’s why the affiliate business got worse, too.

I had to take 2 steps back in order to take 2 steps forward.

I needed a new plan!

I shut the company down. I was going to have a nervous breakdown if I continued.

I was broke again, but I also had 3 kids to feed, so I hopped on the “get-your-ass-a-2nd-job-and-feed-them” train cause “ain’t nobody got time for rest.”

Some of you might have heard those expressions somewhere.

Being a jack-of-all-trades is key to being poor your whole life and getting nowhere!

Part 6 – Dan Solo

Finding My Passion

I started working on freelance sites while I was working the other job. It was a backbreaking, manual labor, blue-collar job. It wasn’t my passion, but it fed my kids.

Anyhow, I continued with the freelancing and started to pick up the pace. I scheduled in business meetings when I had the free time.

Things started to pick up. I closed a few deals, and within 6 months, I was out of there.
I had a great time using my affiliate marketing experience helping other businesses grow. It felt good.

It wasn’t enough in my book. I was way too ambitious. I couldn’t sit still. I had to do more.

Giving Birth…Metaphorically 🙂

I started thinking hard and noticing the following patterns about other successful marketers:

1) All successful people are known for 1 thing.

2) They focus on 1 traffic network.

3) They focus on 1 type of marketing.

4) They focus on 1 niche. (This is the only thing I won’t do…I like variety and I am not sorry.)

5) They know exactly who they want to work with.

6) They know exactly how they like to work.

7) They have a passion.

Birth Of PPCDan.net

I thought about it carefully and here’s what I got:

1) All successful people are known for 1 thing.

I want to be known as a marketing specialist.

2) They focus on 1 traffic network.

I love pay per click.

3) They focus on 1 type of marketing.

Lead Generation is my world.

4) They focus on 1 niche.

Oh, no way! I don’t ever want to be known as a niche guy. I like variety and it’s why I got involved in marketing in the first place.

5) They know exactly who they want to work with.

I like working with people who are passionate about what they do.

6) They know exactly how they like to work.

I am a technician. I like working alone. I am Dan Solo (sorry…had to include Star Wars…major geek..loved all the movies)

7) I am passionate about helping business owners, consultants, and coaches achieve financial freedom through my marketing programs. After struggling for years as a marketer and trying to get my family out of our financial hellhole, it gives me so much gratitude and joy when I see someone else succeed through my services.

This is what PPCDan.net is all about. It’s about sharing what I’ve learned from others and working with businesses to achieve financial freedom.

It’s something that I am very proud to share with you all.