Part 1: The 4 High Converters Necessary For Any Business To Thrive With Google Ads

[This is part 1 of a series of articles to come. In Part 1, we'll go over the fundamentals. Don't get caught up in the details. Focus on the concepts. The following articles will be a deep dive on how to do it step by step.]

I am going to share my "secret" formula for making any lead generation campaign work.

I know what you're thinking..."Another secret formula article...this is a load of garbage!"

If you've lived life long enough you know that things tend to have a process.

You see marketing follows certain laws. Once you get those laws in place you're going to have a successful outcome.

It's like when you want to get in shape. You know that cardio + weights + healthy eating = The Awesome Body You've Always Wanted!

In Google Ads, the Secret Mega Super Sauce Blueprint Formula 🙂 is

high converting offer


high converting keywords


high converting ad copy


high converting landing page


The Many Paying Customers You've Always Wanted.

Now this article is beyond the scope of how to optimize campaigns, but learning about these 4 principles will be a game changer with all your marketing efforts.

So, let's jump into these 4 topics and hopefully you can walk away with a few golden nuggets.

High Converting Offer

This is the most important part of any campaign.

I've seen ugly landing pages, poor ad copy, terrible account structure and the campaign still made a killing!


Because they had a great offer for their target audience.

Whether you are looking for leads or have an e-commerce store give your prospects a reason to stop what they are doing and buy from you.

The key here is to not have your offer be the only offer! You will lose money if that is the case. You need up-sells too.

Here's an example:

Dentists - I am sure you've seen these even on facebook where they are offering $20 dental exam, cleaning and x-rays. This is a great offer as we have to remember many people have to pay out of pocket for any kind of dental service.

So how does the doctor make money? Well, they can follow up after the exam with a "Oh look you have a problem with A, B and C...would you like a [whatever the solution is to fix their problem]

Do you get it now?

Let's try one more.

Dog Boarding -

Pet owners travel and when that day comes they need someone reliable to watch their dog.

They could have an offer for the first 2-3 days and full price after that.

It doesn't end there.

Let's not forget about up-selling grooming, spa, food, etc...

Let's do another for fun.

Online Exercise Program For Moms- You could sell the package at $200 and then a $39 a month subscription.

That's a lot of money for some moms to fork over. Most families are on a budget.

How about a 7-day free trial? Get them to experience the product. Let them fall in love with their new results. It takes nothing to do a free trial.

Soon after you can up-sell meal programs, 1 on 1 coaching, group coaching, exercise equipment and more.

Do you see where this is all going?

Try to get them to walk through the door. Build a relationship. Give them value. Then come in for the sales.

This may not apply to all niches, but there is always a way to create a compelling offer.

Think outside the box or take a look at the competition.

High Converting Keywords

This part is going to be quick because it's super simple.

You can bid on keywords in the Search Network.

(We're not going to go over Display Network because that is another beast. Trust me you're going to want to start with the Search Network. We'll dive into Display in the coming articles.)

Don't just randomly bundle everything together.

Go for the SKAG (single keyword ad groups). Every ad group should have 1 keyword under the 3 match types.

Start by bidding on 3-5 keyword combinations because that will bring you the most relevant traffic.

So Adgroup #1

could have:

+dog +boarding +services - modified broad

dog boarding services - phrase

dog boarding services - exact

If you SKAG 1-2 keyword combinations you will probably get a lot of junk.

You'll notice in the reports that certain keywords are getting conversions.

You can build another campaign where you can target these keywords on exact match only and exclude it from the other campaign.

Think of it as a Harvest Campaign where you're looking for high converting keywords and a Winner Campaign where you will move them all there.

High Converting Ad Copy

Don't talk about yourself. That is rule #1.

Just don't!

Customers don't care about you.

They are obsessed with their own lives.

What can you do for them?

This part isn't hard either.

I know you are bombarded with infographics, guides, etc... talking about the 77 ad copy templates that will bring you everyone on earth.

Keep it simple.

Here's my simple formula for Adwords Ads.

Headline #1: [Your Keyword]

Headline #2: [Your Offer]

Description: [What Will They Get?] [Strong CTA]

Here's a few examples:


Headline #1: Local Dentist Near You

Headline #2: $29 For Exam, Cleaning & X-Ray‎

Description: Brighten Your Life And Smile With Confidence. Call Now!

Dog Boarding

Headline #1: Dog Boarding Services

Headline #2: 50% Off Your First 3 Days

Description: Give Your Dog Less Anxiety While You're Away. Start Now!

Online Exercise Program

Headline #1: Exercise Programs for Moms

Headline #2: Try It Risk Free 7 Days

Description: It's Time To Get Your Body And Life Back. Learn More!

You can even switch the headlines with the descriptions.

This is nothing revolutionary.

Just go for it and test different things.

High Converting Landing Page

This is the last part.

I know this part always makes people nervous because we're not Conversion experts, but these simple tactics work most of the time.

The first section should always have your logo on the left and phone number on the right. This is called the Header in the marketing world.

The next section is what everyone see's when they land on your page.

This area is called the Hero view.

Most businesses place a headline, sub-headline, a few bullet points, image of the product/service and an opt-in form.

I like to do that too, but very concise and to the point.

Let's take that Dog Boarding ad and how it would look on the landing page.

I would have my description be the headline followed by the keyword I bid on and the offer.

Literally, just put the headline, keyword and offer under each other with the form on the right.

Here's a template of what it could look like. Just keep it simple.

I'd throw in an image of the dog and the form on the right.

That's really it.

The rest can be followed by a benefits section where you talk about all the ways you're going to change your customers life.

The next part will be testimonials and you are all set.

The very bottom of the page they call a footer.

That area needs a link to the Home Page, About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

This doesn't have to be it. If you feel like more content will help then go for it. Just make sure your keywords and images of the product/service are on the page.

The End

That's it for this time. I hope you got some ideas from this and see how it doesn't have to be as complicating as everyone makes it out to be.

In the coming articles I will do a crazy deep dive into all these topics with step by step screen shots.

You're going to see your business in a new light.

Until next time.

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